In-house blood analysis

Quick and efficient results

Animal Matters In-house blood analysis

At Animal Matters, there are several levels of veterinary intervention we can offer. The first and most common is clinical diagnostics – this means, simply put, we can often diagnose and treat conditions using our five senses in the consulting room. A good example of this would be an abscess.

Sometimes we need to use more advanced techniques, and then our dedicated in-house laboratory comes into its own. Many lumps and bumps on your pet can be sampled and analysed in the clinic, often while you wait, saving you time and money. This also ensures that the appropriate treatment is started as soon as possible, to ensure your pet’s speedy recovery. Our main tool for this is our professional cytologist’s microscope and the various stains we use for staining the samples we receive. In appropriate cases, we can photograph interesting samples and send them to reference laboratories (or, if you are interested, to your phone.)

For more advanced diagnostics, we can do full haematology (looking at the different cells that make up your pets blood) with our Lasercyte machine  and serum chemistry (measuring enzymes is your pets blood that gives us information about organs in the body) with our Catalyst 1 machine. We can also measure electrolyte levels, such as sodium and chloride helping us to diagnose and treat different disease. With our in-house machines we get quick and fast results.

We also stock a variety of SNAP tests (a device that detects a specific disease) to diagnose Feline aids and Leukaemia (FIV/FeLV), Canine Parvovirus, canine pancreatitis, and Giardia.

Prevention is better than cure, and early detection of incipient renal problems in older patients often ensures that we can better manage the conditions that older patients suffer from, so owners and pets can enjoy each other’s company for longer. For this, a yearly or twice-yearly basic serum chemistry analysis is recommended for our senior patients, followed by a urinalysis where indicated. In our older feline patients, we can offer a thyroid test to diagnose and monitor patients with hyperthyroidism.

For the more advanced cases beyond the remit of Animal Matters, we have access to the various laboratories and veterinary specialists in the Western Cape.